‘If one tells the truth, one is sure, sooner or later,
to be found out.’ 

(Oscar Wilde)

 ‘Myth is a genre between fairy tale
and a detective story.’ 

(Nadine Gordimer)  



I do hope that not too many ‘secrets’, or djinns, have escaped from the bottle (as djinns have a habit of doing) and that the image of the struggling writer, which I’ve spent years trying to create—when I should have been writing—isn’t irrevocably damaged.

On the Trail of Taslima 

A behind the scenes account of what really took place during the 'save Taslima Nasreen’ campaign that captivated the world in the 1990s, brings to light a complex narrative filled with larger-than-life personalities with their own agendas and shifting loyalties. Nothing is what it seems.

                                 ICON OR OUTCAST?

HANIFA DEEN is an award-winning Australian author who writes narrative nonfiction and lives in Melbourne.  She now works full-time as a writer, which she sees as the perfect medium for a woman with an irreverent tongue, a maverick Muslim perspective on life, and a passion to subvert stereotypes wherever they lurk.

Deen has held a number of high profile positions in a career spanning twenty-three years in human rights, ethnic affairs, and immigration, including:

  • Hearing Commissioner with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission of Australia

  • Deputy Commissioner of Multicultural Affairs Western Australia

  • Director on the Board of Special Broadcasting Services (SBS) Corporation

Book Review - Kevin Rennie
Red Bluff Media
'Her [Deen's] face to face interviews are remarkable, not just for the candour she has elicited..., but also for the human portraits she has penned of these fascinating individuals.... Anyone who is involved with human rights advocacy or freedom of speech campaigning should put this book on their must-see list.'  ...read more...  

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